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360 Update

2015-01-30 14:00:43 by AnimeGuy360

Its seems that I have to reprogram my system. But no worries add me on AnimeGuy360HD & thats my YouTube channel too.

PC Crashes....

2014-09-05 09:33:02 by AnimeGuy360

Well Im working my way to the top on NG but how about teaming up? PM me for more details.





Flash Art

2014-05-27 16:17:12 by AnimeGuy360

I know I promised the flash art. But its not uploading so mean while can you find some stuff so I can make animated movies?

Animation Art

2014-05-18 21:30:54 by AnimeGuy360

Thanks for telling me what stuff to draw with on pc.

To Thank you all I'll post my 1st Animation picture that I first made!

thx guys

Its a good anime. Just guess what anmine it is then I'm putting the pic in the Art Portal.

If you seen this anime pic below "Angel Beats". This is one of my FAVORITE animes is the Galaxy.

Good luck with the hunt!


p.s. the pic might not be below.

Submeted my art guyss thanks for looking. And how do you upload movies and games because I really need help doing it.


2014-04-07 21:25:37 by AnimeGuy360

5008532_139692015652_download.jpgHi Newgrounds you'll see me around here through the Portals. And another way to contact me is